Adopting sustainable practices can have a significant impact

Here at TXO, we’re a company that acts in an environmentally conscious way in everything we do. In fact, the concepts of sustainability and the circular economy have been in our DNA from the start, both in the way we run our business and how we help our customers.

Through our sustainability commitments for this year and beyond, we’re aiming to continue reducing energy use, packaging and waste while also helping our customers to run more environmentally friendly networks too. We’re constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to address sustainability issues and we won’t stop here.

Repair, refurbish, reuse

We’re proud of our circular economy heritage and remain committed to pioneering breakthroughs and new ways of doing business. Our business model rests on finding repair, refurbish and reuse opportunities for telecom hardware rather than it being simply discarded. Whether to mitigate risk, create new opportunities, reduce operating costs or improve brand reputation, we help companies address their sustainability goals and take control of their resources in a way that creates value and helps the environment. Here you can read more about TXO & the circular economy.

Recycling more than ever

Recycling telecom and data equipment is another core part of our business – waste is simply not an option for us! Whenever we’re involved in decommissioning network equipment, we screen individual parts for reuse. Any item that doesn’t pass our rigorous refurbishment process is broken down into different WEEE and non-WEEE recycling streams, and any hazardous material is removed. It means our fully audited and sustainable recycling programs are relied on by our customers globally to keep over 2,400 tonnes of waste material out of landfills each year.

Using less packaging

To protect the delicate nature of our products, it’s necessary for us to use a certain amount of ESD protective packaging and impact-absorbing materials to ensure that your orders arrive in the best possible condition. Even the smallest amount of static could damage the components. However, we’re always looking to reduce the amount of packaging we use, consolidating shipments whenever possible and removing plastic wherever we can.

Green energy sources

In 2020 we made the switch to 100% renewable electricity, reducing our electrical carbon footprint to zero. It means that the electricity powering our global operations now comes purely from renewable sources such as wind, solar and hydro. All backed by Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificates (REGOs) and independently verified by EcoAct to guarantee that the energy provided is in fact as ‘green’ as it claims.