Network downtime – words you’ll never have to hear again

We work with a great many internet service providers (ISPs) globally to support them with telecom network spare parts that ensure services remain uninterrupted. Popular systems include legacy access equipment such as Alcatel ASAM or ISAM as well as legacy core routers such as Juniper T-Series machines.

As the No. 1 alternative to the OEM, here at TXO our availability of telecom networking equipment is unrivalled in the industry with up to 1 million parts available right now. In addition to this, the main global internet exchange points where ISPs interconnect (such as those in London, Frankfurt and Washington) have discovered the clear benefits of using our compatible optical transceivers to facilitate the thousands of interconnections needed. Compatible with multiple OEMs, our optical transceivers are closely aligned to the specific needs of each customer and deliver significant cost savings.