Keeping the nation’s critical comms running like clockwork

Here at TXO, we maintain a solid client base within the critical communication segment which includes government, defence and national strategic assets such as gas and oil supply and especially public safety.

Our critical communications customers rely on our support on a 24×7 basis where we must maintain a very high service level and attention to detail. Our people share the customer’s focus on public service and we also ensure our people are vetted to the UK level appropriate to the client’s needs e.g. NPPV3 or SC (security check).

In the case of Airwave Solutions (a Motorola company), we provide supply chain, forward and reverse logistics, SPMS (spare parts management services) and also repair of critical equipment. Airwave’s role is to provide secure telecom services for the four emergency and public safety agencies in the UK.

We are also a key partner of NATS Holdings (National Air Traffic Services), providing installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of equipment used for ground to air voice and radar services. This work takes us to numerous offshore facilities as well as remote parts of the UK including highlands and islands.

In the government sector we also support the MOD (Ministry of Defence) with critical secure comms for ship to shore connectivity across the south west Scottish coast. This includes maintaining the system and network upgrades to deliver additional voice and data service in response to military requirements.

Many clients in this sector have needed to migrate from the legacy BT Kilostream service which is in the process of phase-out. We provide a range of managed service solutions to alleviate this problem, you can read more about kilostream replacement options here. In addition, many UK clients are impacted by the requirement to vacate services from the 1.4GHz band which is to be used for 5G and we offer solutions here too.