Leading suppliers of GPON hardware

Here at TXO we’re proud to offer a range of high quality, reliable and cost-effective GPON hardware for our ISP and broadband provider customers. All of our GPON products are backed by a 3-year warranty and are fully compatible with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) equipment. The line consists of two main product types outlined below: open-use ONUs & plug and play OLTs.

Open-use ONUsPlug & play OLTs

What are open-use ONUs?

Open-use ONUs (Optical Network Units) offer high speed fibre services to global ISPs and service providers. As part of a wider configuration they deliver triple-play services (data, voice and video over IP) for business and residential users.

What are plug and play OLTs?

The plug and play OLT (Optical Line Terminal) is a high performing, active Ethernet aggregation device that serves as a service provider endpoint of a passive optical network. The OLT is beneficial because it replaces the need for multiple layer 2 switches at distribution points, therefore saving costs.

OLTs can satisfy long-distance optical fibre access requirements due to their flexible network mode. These compact devices are convenient and deploy easily as a result of their plug and play capability. In addition, OLTs can be used for “triple-play”, VPN, Enterprise LAN, IP Camera and ICT applications.

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