Setting the standard for refurbished telecom equipment

Refurbished telecom hardware is taking the world by storm. As a global leader in this space, our team sets the standard on how to deliver a rigorous refurbishment process that yields consistent results. All of our green market equipment goes through the following process before being approved for sale. We back this quality commitment by including our warranty as standard with each purchase.

Here are the steps of our refurbishment process:

Visual inspection

All products are visually inspected. Only products that can be returned to near perfect condition are allowed through to refurbishment, all others are rejected.

Physical inspection

Each product that passes the visual inspection then undergoes physical inspection of major and minor components as per the OEM specifications. Our telecoms equipment is systematically taken apart and all manufacturer part numbers, HECI codes and serial numbers logged into our extensive database.

Component refresh

Any worn, missing or damaged internal and external components will be replaced before the product is sanitised. This includes buttons, screens, cords, dust caps and plastics. Products found to have issues are set aside.

Configuration to client specification

We will configure the product to the client’s technical specification if required.

Data cleansed

If the product features a HDD or other storage media, we will carry out a data cleanse in our secure lab using the industry leading Blancco Software to ensure that any data left on a device is securely wiped.


We have the ability to test modules and complete systems belonging to a range of platforms although this does not cover our entire portfolio of products offered. Please note that our testing/screening service is available on request only.


With all components replaced and data cleansed, the product is fully cleaned and sanitised to remove any dirt or labels identifying the former owner. The item is repainted if necessary.

Quality control

All aspects of the refurbishing process are then checked to make sure that every product meets with our high standards before it is dispatched.


After final inspection the product is re-packed in new, unbranded, ESD packaging to ensure it reaches you in the best possible condition. We are able to repackage to customer specification and label with customer part numbers, order numbers or other information as requested.

Ready for sale & warranty

We are so confident in our refurbished telecom equipment products that every item comes backed by our warranty as standard. Thanks to our comprehensive telecoms equipment refurbishment process, our second-user hardware aesthetically appears ‘as good as new’ and we’re proud that our return rate is less than 1%.

Any product not passing our stringent quality control standards will not be dispatched

Where equipment cannot be refurbished for return to service, we are committed to the highest standards of responsible telecoms recycling.

To learn more about our OEM-grade refurbished telecoms stock, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Alternatively please feel free to browse our FAQ for more information.