Telecom equipment staging & configuration services

When planning a telecom deployment for optical, broadband access, IP or mobile it makes sense for network operators to consider outsourcing telecom equipment staging and configuration services to a qualified third party. Here at TXO, we’re regarded as a leader in this field and we’re pleased to offer a full suite of such services to our clients.

What we have to offer

For us, telecom equipment staging and configuration encompasses aspects such as cabinet build, cabling for power and network, shelf installation, power, installation of the appropriate cards or modules into the chassis, installation of pluggable SFP transceivers and so on. It also includes the software aspects such as application of the correct firmware version to the device as well as building the required configuration within the device to mirror the required production environment.

Our engineers are suitably qualified for the task having developed vast experience across optical, IP, GPON / FTTH and TV broadcasting domains. Putting you in great hands.

As part of an overall logistics service wrap (whereby the equipment is stored prior to deployment, called off, staged, configured and then transported to the precise place of installation inside the data centre), the operator can realise significant efficiency benefits. The staging and configuration process detects any possible faults or defects before the equipment arrives on site, so you can start deploying solutions without delay. It also removes the issue of dust-producing packaging materials (such as cardboard and so on) from entering the data centre.

We’d love to help

It stands to reason that many telecom operators have concluded that the quickest and most straightforward way to manage a telecom deployment is to take advantage of third party staging and configuration services. Our team is happy to assist in these projects, both large and small.

We know security is one of the most important considerations for any business. We’ll work with you to ensure we exceed your expectations. Our facilities are audited to ISO 27001 which is a management standard that encompasses the proper handling of secure information. Our staging engineers are vetted to the UK standard of either NPPV3 or the higher standard of SC (security check), depending on client need. In addition to this, some clients require the staging activity to take place in a secure cage with access control and keystroke recording, all of which is provided at our staging centre.

For more information about our staging and configuration services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.