The world’s local partner for sustainable telecom networks

Many areas of the telecom operators’ business are becoming mature markets and as a result management focus is increasingly on cost control. Traditional telcos also face competition from a variety of technology-driven challengers as well as increased regulatory pressure. 

In response to these challenges TXO has developed a suite of products and services with the operator in mind. In fact, all of our products and services provide operators with a capable and credible alternative to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) at a significantly reduced cost and cover the entire telecommunications network life-cycle.

Refurbished hardware

Telecom network design, build & operations

We have in-house teams who can design and deliver specialist telecom network solutions for utilities, oil, gas and renewable energy and critical communications. This includes design, system integration, install, commission and network maintenance and monitoring. Their passion is infectious and we love them!

Staging and pre-build

Our logistics centre is kind of a big space – capable of handling large cabinet builds and staging projects to prepare the equipment before roll out. This means that we deliver the cabinet or shelf to the place of installation with the system having been pre-built, configured and staged according to your specification. Our engineering team is competent with all contemporary optical and IP based telecom equipment. We have all the appropriate security clearances and a secure caged working area. How cool is that?!

Telecom product supply

We hold one of the largest inventories of refurbished telecom equipment globally and clients come to us when they need equipment for sparing and deployment. Our equipment comes from the global operator community, has known provenance and is quality checked before dispatch. We provide equipment across multi vendor and all of the main product domains such as optical, IP, microwave, access, cable TV, radio access network and core.

Optical transceivers for telecom use

Clients come to us for properly tested optical transceivers for telecom use. We supply quality compatibles with equivalent performance to OEM but at reduced cost. Our products are tested for both optical compliance and also for compatibility with the intended system in our test lab.

Logistics and SPMS (spare parts management services)

Many of the top telcos do not handle logistics as an in-house function as it makes sense to outsource this to a specialist telecom logistics provider. While there are many good generalist logistics providers available, a telecom specialist can bring huge business and supply chain benefits. This is based on our deep knowledge of the items, specialist systems to handle telecom part naming convention and joined up ability to deliver the item to the right place at the right time, which might be in the middle of the night.

Telecoms repair

Telecom repair centre

It is well known that telecom is a legacy environment and that products are in use for a longer period of time than was envisaged by OEMs who are unable to provide support to the growing back-catalogue of legacy products. While the operator can negotiate an extended warranty with the manufacturer, at some point the warranty will end and a third party will be needed to undertake necessary repairs to maintain service to subscribers. We are proud that our repair service supports optical, IP, radio, cable TV and power systems for telecom use.

Asset recovery

We provide clients with a full service asset recovery solution. This means that out of service telecom hardware can be decommissioned, sorted, inventoried, re-sold, recycled and fully reported against in a manner that generates surplus for the operator. This surplus can be consumed in the form of cash or credits to obtain all of the services and products listed above. How neat is that? You can find out more about the circular economy here.