The Nokia 1664 SM (Synchronous Multiplexer) is compliant with SDH (synchronous digital hierarchy) and operates in both protected and unprotected configurations. It facilitates STM-16 transmission, and add/drop of STM-1 and STM-4 optical, or 140/155 Mbit/s electrical signals.

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3AL34007AA 3AL35808AAAE
3AL34018AA 3AL35964ABAC
3AL34711ABAB 3AL35974ADAA
3AL34725AAAA 3AL35974AEAA
3AL34725AAAB 3AL35975AAAA
3AL34727AA 3AL35975ABAA
3AL34727ABAC 3AL35975ADAA
3AL34727AC 3AL35975AEAA
3AL34727BB 3AL35976AAAA
3AL34727BCAC 3AL35976ABAA
3AL34727BCAE 3AL35976ADAA
3AL34728AA 3AL36010AAAB
3AL34729AA 3AL36294AAAC
3AL34730AA 3AL36294AD
3AL34730AB 3DW02059AAAA02
3AL34731AAAA 3DW02065AQAA
3AL34731AAAC 3DW02067AGAA01
3AL34962AA 3DW02074ABAA
3AL34962ABAA 3DW02883AAAA02
3AL34963AAAD 3DW03919BABA

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