Alcatel Lucent & Nokia combined operations on 14th January 2016. Many of the considerable back catalogue of platforms continue to be supported but some may not. TXO holds spare parts in stock from most Alcatel Lucent legacy platforms as well as those that have transferred into Nokia portfolio.

The list of platforms that TXO can typically help with is displayed below. TXO can provide both configured shelves to customer requirement or individual line cards for spare part needs. Please check at the time of ordering for the latest pricing and availability.

In addition, TXO’s test lab is equipped with some of the more common platforms such as 1660 SM, and 7450, 7750, ISAM and functionality testing as an additional service is available. 


Platform Long form Category
1626 LM 1626 Light Manager DWDM 10G/ 40G
1640 FOX 1640 Fibre Optic eXtension STM 1-4 Multi Service node Customer Premise (CPE)
1642 EMC 1642 Edge Multiplexer Compact Optical Multi Service Node (OSMN) CPE for STM-1
1646 SM 1646 Synchronous Multiplexer
1650 SMC 1650 Synchronous Multiplexer Compact Compact Add Drop Mux
1660 SM 1660 Synchronous Multiplexer STM – 64 MSPP. SDH, Ethernet, CWDM, MPLS
1664 SM 1664 Synchronous Multiplexer STM -16 Add drop Mux ADM
1670 SM 1670 Synchronous Multiplexer STM-16/ 64 Optical Multi Service Node
1675 see lucent 1675
1678 MCC 1678 Metro Core Connect Integrated ADM and Cross connect
1686 WM Wavelength Multiplexer DWDM
1692 MSE 1692 Metro Span Edge WDM
1696 MS 1696 Metro Span DWDM
1830 PSS Photonic Service Switch DWDM multi-service
1850 TSS-3, TSS-40, TSS-5, TSS-160, TSS-160 1850 Transport Service Switch For evolving MSPP networks to All Packet transport
7300 ASAM 7300 Advanced Services Access Manager Universal DSLAM for access
7342 ISAM 7342 Intelligent Services Access manager GPON for fibre access to the home
7450 ESS 7450 Ethernet Service Switch Carrier Ethernet and MPLS / IP
7750 SR 7750 Service Router Multi Service Edge Router
7210 SAS 7210 Service Access Switch Ethernet Edge Switch
9600 LSY 9600 Long Haul System Microwave Radio
S12 Switch Alcatel 1000 S12 Digital Switch PSTN / telephone exchange/ CO
Evolium MBI5 Multi Standard Base Station MSBS 2G BTS for indoor deployment
Evolium MBO 2G BTS for outdoor deployment
S18000 3G UMTS BTS

TXO is a completely independent re-seller and has no association with Alcatel Lucent, Nokia or related organisations.