The Nokia 1692 MSE (Metrospan Edge) system uses coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) technology and supports up to eight wavelengths. The unit can be used as a terminal, or an Optical Add Drop Multiplexer (OADM) as required. Multiplexes several low-speed client signals into a standard managed 2.5 Gbit/s SDH/SONET signal using the 4xAny TDM concentrator.

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1AB19467000101 3AL97540AA01 3AL97706AA01
1AB196350001 3AL97540BA01 3AL97706AB01
1AB196350002 3AL97541BA01 3AL97706AC01
1AB196350003 3AL97653HA01 3AL97706AD01
1AB196350004 3AL97653HJ01 3AL97706AE01
1AB196350005 3AL97653JA01 3AL97706AF01
1AB196350006 3AL97653JB01 3AL97706AG01
1AB196350007 3AL97653JC01 3AL97706AH01
1AB196350008 3AL97653KB01 3AL97707AA01
1AB19636000101 3AL97653KD01 3AL97707AB01
3AL97529AA02 3AL97654GA01 3AL97707AC01
3AL97529AB02 3AL97654GB01 3AL97707AD01
3AL97529BA 3AL97654HA01 3AL97795AA01
3AL97529BB 3AL97654JB01 3AL97795AB01
3AL97538AA01 3AL97654KA01 3AL97837AA01
3AL97538BA01 3AL97654KC01 3AL97838AA01
3AL97538BB01 3AL97657AA02 3AL97839AA01
3AL97538CB01 3AL97657AB02 3AL97839AB01
3AL97539CA01 3AL97657DA01 3AL97840AA01
3AL97539KA01 3AL97676AA01 3AL97840AB01
3AL97539LA01 3AL97679AA01 3AL97841AA01
3AL97539MA01 3AL97682BA01 3AL97841AB01
3AL97539NA01 3AL97690AA 3AL97841AC01
3AL97539TA01 3AL97690BA01 3AL97841AD01
3AL97539TE01 3AL97705AA01 3AL97878AA03

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