The Alcatel-Lucent 1660 SM (Synchronous Multiplexer) is a synchronous transfer mode 64 (stm-64) multiservice provisioning platform (mspp). It provides Layer 2 packet/cell switching functions, SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) cross-connect and Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM).

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1AB176340001 3AL78836AB 3AL79453AB01
1AB176340002 3AL78836AB02 3AL80371AA
1AB187280063 3AL78848BAAC 3AL80404AA01
1AB194670002 3AL78849AA03 3AL80407AA04
1AB194670003 3AL78856AL 3AL80702AA
1AB196360002 3AL78865AB01 3AL80741AA01
1AB196360003 3AL78866AB 3AL80802AA02
1AB196370001 3AL78866AB01 3AL80802AB01
1AB196370003 3AL78894CA 3AL81072AA01
1AB357880001 3AL78895BA01 3AL81072AA02
1AB357880002 3AL78896CA 3AL81249AA02
1AB357880003 3AL78962AA 3AL81289AA01
1AB357880004 3AL78962BD01 3AL81434AA01
1AB357880005 3AL78963AC 3AL81879AA01
1AB357880006 3AL78963AD01 3AL81879AB01
3AL35928AA 3AL79028CA 3AL81915AA01
3AL36306AA02 3AL79030DB 3AL81915AB01
3AL36306AB01 3AL79088AB 3AL81915BA
3AL36310AAAB 3AL79088AC01 3AL89561AB04
3AL36311AAAB 3AL79090AA 3AL89669AA01
3AL36510AA02 3AL79090BA04 3AL89670AA02
3AL37558AB01 3AL79092AB01 3AL91790AA01
3AL78815AB01 3AL79092AC 3AL91791AA01
3AL78818AA01 3AL79093AA01 3AL91792AA01
3AL78823AA02 3AL79094AA01 3AL91793AA01
3AL78823AAAF 3AL79113CA 3AL91794AA01
3AL78830AC 3AL79114AA01 3AL91795AA01
3AL78830AC03 3AL79114AAAG01 3AL91880AA01
3AL78830AD02 3AL79116AAAA 3AL98128AA01
3AL78830AD03 3AL79163AA 3AL98269AA01
3AL78830AE 3AL79263AA02 3AL98269AA02
3AL78832AA02 3AL79451AA01 3AV500950020
3AL78835AA03 3AL79452AB01 8DG15235AA01

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