The Alcatel 1696 MS (Metro Span) unit is specifically designed for extended transmission scenarios. It can house a fully equipped 32 protected or 64 unprotected channel high density system.

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Popular spare parts frequently requested from this platform include the following part numbers. To find what you need fast, please use our search bar.

1AB152050001 3AL86779BA01 3AL86834BR01
1AB194670018 3AL86802AA01 3AL86834BS01
1AB194670019 3AL86806AA01 3AL86834BT01
1AB204800005 3AL86808AA01 3AL86863AA
3AL86606AB01 3AL86834AA01 3AL86869AA01
3AL86606AC 3AL86834AB01 3AL86870AA01
3AL86607AC01 3AL86834AC01 3AL86872AA01
3AL86615AJ01 3AL86834AD01 3AL86888AA01
3AL86654AA 3AL86834AE01 3AL86892AA01
3AL86703AB01 3AL86834AF01 3AL95106AA
3AL86703AC01 3AL86834AG01 3AL95113AA01
3AL86703AD01 3AL86834AH01 3AL95136AA
3AL86708AB01 3AL86834AL01 3AL95150AA01
3AL86708AC01 3AL86834AM01 3AL95150AB01
3AL86708AD01 3AL86834AN01 3AL95150AC01
3AL86777AE01 3AL86834AP01 3AL95150AD01
3AL86777AJ01 3AL86834AQ01 3AL95150AE01
3AL86777AK01 3AL86834AR01 3AL95150AF01
3AL86777AL01 3AL86834AS01 3AL95150AG01
3AL86777AM01 3AL86834AT01 3AL95150AH01
3AL86777AN01 3AL86834BA01 3AL95150AJ01
3AL86777AP01 3AL86834BB01 3AL95150AK01
3AL86777AQ01 3AL86834BC01 3AL95150AL01
3AL86777AR01 3AL86834BD01 3AL95150AM01
3AL86777BE01 3AL86834BE01 3AL95150AN01
3AL86777BF01 3AL86834BF01 3AL95150AP01
3AL86777BN01 3AL86834BG01 3AL95150AQ01
3AL86778AB01 3AL86834BH01 3AL95150AR01
3AL86778AC01 3AL86834BL01 3AL95150AT01
3AL86778AD01 3AL86834BM01 3AL97769AA
3AL86778AE01 3AL86834BN01 3AN50556AA
3AL86778AF01 3AL86834BP01 3EM08952AJ
3AL86779AA01 3AL86834BQ01 3EM10486AB

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