The Nokia 1830 PSS platforms are built around Photonic Service Engine 2 (PSE-2) digital signal processors. These processors support 100G–500G wavelength transport, agile wavelength routing, and scalable multilayer switching and services.

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Popular spare parts frequently requested from this platform include the following part numbers. To find what you need fast, please use our search bar.

3KC12948CB 3KC19349AH 3KC19350AT
3KC12950AA 3KC19349AN 3KC19350AU
3KC12952AA 3KC19349AP 3KC19350AV
3KC12953AA 3KC19349AQ 3KC19350AW
3KC13308AA 3KC19349AR 3KC19350AX
3KC13313AA 3KC19349AT 3KC19350AY
3KC14000BB 3KC19349AU 3KC19350AZ
3KC19067AA 3KC19349AV 3KC19350BA
3KC19145AA 3KC19349AW 3KC19350BB
3KC19181AA 3KC19349AX 3KC19350BC
3KC19289AA 3KC19349AY 3KC19350BD
3KC19289AB 3KC19349AZ 3KC19371AA
3KC19289AC 3KC19349BA 3KC19372AB
3KC19289AD 3KC19349BB 3KC19387AA
3KC19289AE 3KC19349BC 3KC19388AA
3KC19289AF 3KC19349BD 3KC19389AA
3KC19289AG 3KC19350AA 3KC19407AA
3KC19289AH 3KC19350AB 3KC19408AA
3KC19289AJ 3KC19350AC 3KC19411AA
3KC19289AK 3KC19350AD 3KC19418AA
3KC19289AL 3KC19350AE 3KC19424AA
3KC19289AM 3KC19350AF 3KC19425AA
3KC19289AN 3KC19350AG 3KC19426AA
3KC19289AP 3KC19350AH 3KC19462AA
3KC19289AQ 3KC19350AJ 3KC19489AA
3KC19297AA 3KC19350AK 3KC35338AA
3KC19349AA 3KC19350AL 8DG09164AB
3KC19349AB 3KC19350AM 8DG59319AB
3KC19349AC 3KC19350AN 8DG60017AAAA
3KC19349AD 3KC19350AP 8DG60018AAAA
3KC19349AE 3KC19350AQ 8DG60130AA
3KC19349AF 3KC19350AR 8DG60130AB
3KC19349AG 3KC19350AS 8DG60131AA

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