The Alcatel-Lucent 1850 Transport Service Switch (TSS-3) provides a comprehensive range of connectivity and network services options in a compact, one U form factor. From a mix of 100MBps and 1000MBps services (Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet) through to full traffic management including classification, rate control and prioritisation.

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1AB357990001 8DG23420AA01 8DG24050AB01
3KC29010AA01 8DG23430AA01 8DG24060AA01
3KC29020AA01 8DG23440AA01 8DG24060AA02
3KC29020AA02 8DG23450AA01 8DG24060AB01
3KC29040AA01 8DG23460AA01 8DG24070AA01
3KC29050AA01 8DG24010AA01 8DG24070AA02
3KC29060AA01 8DG24010AA02 8DG24070AB01
3KC29070AA01 8DG24010AB01 8DG24070AB02
3KC29080AA01 8DG24020AA01 8DG24070AC01
3KC29100AA01 8DG24020AA02 8DG24080AA01
3KC29120AA01 8DG24020AB01 8DG24080AA02
3KC29130AA01 8DG24030AA01 8DG24080AB01
3KC29140AA01 8DG24030AA02 8DG24080AB02
3KC29150AA01 8DG24030AB01 8DG24080AC01
3KC29160AA01 8DG24040AA01 8DG24220AA01
3KC29170AA01 8DG24040AA02 8DG24230AA01
3KC29190AA01 8DG24040AB01 8DG24340AB01
3KC29200AA01 8DG24050AA01 8DG24340AB02
8DG23410AA01 8DG24050AA02 8DG24460AA01

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