The Nokia 1678 MCC (Metro Core Connect) has an integrated Service Adapter (ISA) module that provides 20Gb/s Layer 2 switching fabric for Optical Multi-Service Node (OMSN). It also combines ADM, MPLS, broadband and wideband cross-connect functionality into a single unit.

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Popular spare parts frequently requested from this platform include the following part numbers. To find what you need fast, please use our search bar.

1AB375650001 3AG24102AA01 3AG24336AA02
1AB375650002 3AG24102AA02 3AG24336AA03
1AB375650003 3AG24102AB01 3AG24336AA04
1AB375650004 3AG24102AB02 3AG24336AA05
1AB375650005 3AG24103AA01 3AG24371AA01
1AB375650006 3AG24104AA01 3AG24371AA02
1AB375650007 3AG24161AA02 3AG24371AA03
1AB375650008 3AG24161AA03 3AG24476AA01
1AB375650009 3AG24161AB01 3AL74705AA01
1AB375650010 3AG24173AA01 3AL81205AA01
1AB375650011 3AG24174AA01 3AL81205AA02
1AB375650012 3AG24175AA01 3AL81205AB01
1AB375650013 3AG24176AA02 3AL81205AB02
1AB375650014 3AG24177AA 3AL81205AC01
1AB375650015 3AG24177AB02 3AL81209AA03
1AB375650017 3AG24181AB01 3AL81209AB01
1AB375650018 3AG24183AA02 3AL81292AB03
1AB375650019 3AG24186AA01 3AL81295AA02
1AB375650020 3AG24214AA02 3AL81295AA03
1AB375650021 3AG24214AA03 3AL81429AA01
1AB375650022 3AG24234AAAA 3AL81502AA01
1AB375650023 3AG24273AA01 3AL81502AA02
1AB375650024 3AG24273AAAA 3AL81502AA03
1AB375650025 3AG24274AA01 3AL81502AB01
1AB375650026 3AG24274AAAA 3AL81692AA
1AB375650027 3AG24334AA01 3AL81692AB03
1AB375650028 3AG24334AA02 3AL81692AC
1AB375650029 3AG24334AA03 3AL81692AD03
1AB375650030 3AG24334AA04 3AL81887AA01
1AB375650031 3AG24334AA05 3AL81904AA02
1AB375650032 3AG24336AA01 3AL81904AA03

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