The Alcatel-Lucent 1626 LM (Light Manager) is a long-haul DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexing) platform. The 1626 LM supports T/ROADM architecture and Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS). It has a capacity of up to 96 channels (10G and 40G).

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1AB231410044 3AL94207DB04 3AL94639AB03
1AB231410045 3AL94207DB05 3AL94639AC03
1AB231410046 3AL94207DC02 3AL94639AD03
3AG26009AA02 3AL94207DC03 3AL94639AE
3AG26009BA01 3AL94207DC04 3AL94639AF03
3AG26009BA02 3AL94207DC05 3AL94639AG03
3AG26009BB01 3AL94207DE02 3AL94639AH03
3AG26009BC01 3AL94207DE03 3AL94639AL03
3AG26009BD01 3AL94207DE04 3AL94639AM03
3AG26009CA01 3AL94207DE05 3AL94639AN03
3AG26009CB01 3AL94211AA02 3AL94639AP03
3AG26009CC01 3AL94212AA02 3AL94736AB01
3AG26009CD01 3AL94220AB01 3AL94740AA
3AG26009CE01 3AL94247AA03 3AL94759BA
3AG26009CF01 3AL94249AA03 3AL95167AA
3AG26009CG01 3AL94249AA 3AL95504AA02
3AG26009CH01 3AL94249BA02 3AL95504AB02
3AG26018AA01 3AL94253AA 3AL95507AA02
3AG26019AA01 3AL94304AA02 3AL95507AB02
3AL94207AB02 3AL94304AB 3AL95507AC02
3AL94207AB03 3AL94305AA 3AL95507AD02
3AL94207AB04 3AL94452AAAA01 3AL95507AE02
3AL94207AB05 3AL94452AB02 3AL95507AF02
3AL94207AC02 3AL94452AB03 3AL95507AG
3AL94207AC03 3AL94452AB04 3AL95507AH
3AL94207AC04 3AL94452AB05 3AL95507AJ
3AL94207AC05 3AL94452DB02 3AL95507AJ02
3AL94207AE02 3AL94452DB03 3AL95507AK02
3AL94207AE03 3AL94452DB04 3AL95507AL02
3AL94207AE04 3AL94452DB05 3AL95507AM02
3AL94207AE05 3AL94476AA 3BK25161CAAA
3AL94207DB02 3AL94478AA 8DG16687AAAA
3AL94207DB03 3AL94480AA 8DG282531AA

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